CHRYSO has launched a full package to improve tunnel segments production: a dedicated admixture product range CHRYSO®Tera and a new service CHRYSO®Tera Lab to develop and qualify products for your plant.

CHRYSO®Tera offer has been developed to answer specific Tunnel segments problematics, including “standard” and “specific” performance criteria.

In addition to the traditional performance indicators (slump retention, water reduction, workability, early strength, etc.), our innovative approach focuses on 3 tunnel segments specific performance indicators:

  • Placeability (reduced time to fill the mold)
  • Leveling Easiness (improved extrado aspect)
  • Finishability (easier and faster finish of the extrado)

CHRYSO®Tera admixtures have been specifically developed to meet these performance needs.


CHRYSO teams will provide you with a tailor-made offer, CHRYSO®Tera Lab, that will help you solve your Tunnel segments problematics and improve your production.

CHRYSO teams will also assist and advise you throughout the project – from the diagnosis phase until the completion of the project.


CHRYSO experts developed 3 unique tools for your concrete mix design: TERA®Sim, TERA®Finish and TERA®Compac to develop and qualify admixtures for your production process.