Intelligent and real-time concrete monitoring.

Maturix™ is a real-time concrete monitoring solution. Durable hardware, simple online software and true wireless connectivity all combined into an easy-to-use, yet powerful tool.Maturix™ automatically calculates the concrete maturity and estimates the concrete strength.

CHRYSO and Sensohive combine their expertise to deploy Maturometry digital offer (IOT).

The Maturix™ solution is a cloud-based platform helping the construction industry to monitor concrete curing and hardening through hydration temperature measurements using the Sigfox communication protocol. Maturix™ is one of the most advanced solution for concrete monitoring worldwide.

JOBSITE applications
  • Basic onsite calibration + report
  • Optimization of a mix design based on customers specifications (assessment, performance adjustment, raw material change, new process…)
  • Admixture optimization 
PRECAST applications
  • Support & start of construction site: validation of formulas and in situ measurement
  • Admixture optimization


  • Reduce  project time​
  • ​Save reporting time​
  • Concrete performance reports
  • Reduce risk of cracks​
  • Increase safety for removal

Maturix™ online software

The Maturix online software is a simple web application, which can be accessed from anywhere.

  • Specific monitoring Webpages
  • Optimize your workflow with notifications
  • Collaborative projects with all stakeholders
  • Overview of current and finished casts
  • Export data and PDF for easy sharing
  • Local weather data integration
  • Unlimited reports and user accounts
  • No need to install any programs (runs in browser)