CHRYSO®Tera admixtures and its tailor-made development tool CHRYSO®Tera Lab designed to improve tunnel segments production


With CHRYSO®Tera, CHRYSO Group offers precast concrete professionals and Major companies specialized in underground construction projects, a series of products and services dedicated to tunnel segments production.

CHRYSO®Tera stands out as it improves tunnel segments production performances thanks to dedicated admixtures and CHRYSO®Tera Lab tailor-made service.

This exclusive solution, based on CHRYSO’s technical expertise and dedicated equipment, offers customised support from the diagnostics phase to project completion. When the CHRYSO®Tera offer was released, it was instantly adopted for the most prestigious construction projects in France (Grand Paris Express) and aims to brand itself as the benchmark admixtures range on the tunnelling market for major international construction projects.


CHRYSO®Tera offer, a solution to answer specific challenges of tunnel segments production

In addition to the traditional concrete performance indicators (workability retention, reduced water consumption, ease of handling, mechanical strength, etc.), the innovative approach of CHRYSO’s teams focuses on 3 performance indicators specific to the production of tunnel segments:

  • Proper placing of the concrete(faster and optimised mould filling, vibration behaviour)
  • Concrete levelling (rounded mould – achieving an even surface)
  • Finishing quality(easier and faster finish of the extrado)


CHRYSO®Tera Lab: A unique tool to design solution optimised for each production type

The CHRYSO®Tera offer stands out in its customised support, from the diagnostics phase to project completion to optimise the production.

CHRYSO’s technical experts assist customers in addressing production issues and related site constraints, with the development of an exclusive custom solution, CHRYSO®Tera Lab.

This new service offer is characterised by a series of tests carried out in a laboratory using dedicated measuring instruments with the support and assistance of CHRYSO’s technical experts.

CHRYSO®Tera Lab, three innovative laboratory tests to develop tailor-made admixtures:

  • Tera Sim
  • Tera Finish
  • Tera Compac


These 3 tests, developed by our R&D teams, evaluate specific criteria such as: concrete moulding, vibration reactions, the quality of the facing and the ease of placing by trowelling, or even speed of compaction and the increase in cement paste.

This laboratory study phase enables us to offer a selection of CHRYSO®Tera admixtures and meet specific performance requirements while at the same time optimising your production.


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