CHRYSO® Silica

Powder silica fume for the realisation of high performance concrete. Prevents segregation.
  • Ultrafine and micrometric silica from plants producing silicium
  • Introduced in concrete with hydraulic binder, CHRYSO® Silica behaves like a pozzolan. Its fineness creates a huge reactivity with cement.
  • It improves the cohesion and compacity of concrete, and prevents segregation.
  • CHRYSO® Silica:
    - improves long term strengths of concrete, - eases pumping of concrete, even with a low ratio of cement,
    - improves durability of concrete in agressive environment,
    - improves freeze-thaw resistance.
Domains of application
  • Concreting in aggressive environments
  • Pumped concrete
  • Shotcrete
  • Civil Engineering
  • High Performance Concrete - Very High
  • Performance Concrete
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