CHRYSO®Plast Omega 144

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CHRYSO®Plast Omega 144 is a new generation water reducing plasticizer. This admixture results from our most recent knowledge of the synthesis of molecules in order to provide: a broad range of dosage, a high water reduction power, slump retention, homogeneous concrete.

  • has a strong dispersing capacity on the fine elements of concrete, which allows the production of fluid concrete.
  • has a great flexibility for use: thanks to its broad range of dosage, it can be used in a wide range of concrete.
  • makes it possible to produce concrete with long workability retention.
  • is particularly suited for ready-mix concrete.
  • can be used in combination with other products from the CHRYSO®
Domains of application
  • All types of cement, except white cement
  • Very plastic concrete to fluid concrete
  • Ready-mix concrete
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