CHRYSO®Deco Wash

Result of CHRYSO Research and Development patent pending, CHRYSO®Deco Wash is the first washable emulsified surface retarder.
  • CHRYSO®Deco Wash enables to slow down the cement hydration reaction on the exposed surface of concrete.
  • At the contact of fresh concrete, the emulsion separates allowing the oily phase to form a continuous and protective film that resists to rain and ensures curing.
  • Thanks to its original formula and its high curing performance, it is possible with CHRYSO®Deco Wash to enlarge the washing window from 24 to 48 h according to the climatic conditions.
  • With no solvents in its formula, the use CHRYSO®Deco Wash is easy: Water-based and non flammable product, it has moreover a nice odour.
  • It does not stain materials, even when non protected and spraying and formwork equipment can be rinsed with water.
Domains of application
  • Street furniture.
  • Exposed aggregate facings.
  • Exposed aggregate highway barriers.
  • Exposed aggregate roadworks and slabs.
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