CHRYSO®Fluid Optima 352 Emx

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CHRYSO®Fluid Optima 352 EMx is a new generation superplasticizer mostly dedicated to ready-mix concrete and civil engineering. This superplasticizer is particularly suited to SCC formulation.

  • CHRYSO®Fluid Optima 352 EMx is suited for a significant water reduction and/or increase the workability of fresh concrete. Thus, this superplasticizer may be used in a large range of concretes.
  • This product is particularly fitted for cements which require a high dosage of admixture.
  • The use of CHRYSO®Fluid Optima 352 EMx results both in a high water reduction and long workability retention.
  • It provides homogeneous and low viscosity concretes, which are easy to place, even with cements containing SCM.
  • This admixture is particularly suited to SCC formulation.
Domains of application
  • Ready-mix concrete
  • Civil engineering
  • High performance and very high performance concrete
  • From very plastic to very fluid concrete
  • Self-Compacting Concrete
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