CHRYSO®Plast Omega 137 Emx

Compliance Compliance

Water reducing Plasticizing admixture

  • New generation water reducing plasticizer
  • Allows the optimisation of the dosage of cement in order to obtain a specific class of strength
  • At equal plasticity, and after reducing mixing water, we get:
    - a good cohesiveness
    - improvement of the compacity of the concrete
    - Increase of the strength
  • Thanks to its large scale of dosage, it can be used in a broad scope of concrete
  • Allows for the manufacture of concrete with workability retention. It is particularly suited for ready mix concrete
  • Particularly suited for Supplementary Cementitous Materials containing concrete and for natural aggregates as well as crushed and washed aggregates
Domains of application
  • All cement types excluding white cement
  • Slump flow superior to 160 mm
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