CHRYSO®Fluid Optima 354

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CHRYSO®Fluid Optima 354 is a new generation superplasticizer, using a breakthrough technology.

  • CHRYSO®Fluid Optima 354 is intended to reduce significantly the amount of water and/or increase significantly the workability of the concrete.
  • Thanks to CHRYSO®Fluid Optima 354, it is possible to adjust the workability retention with minor effect on the initial workability, over a range of dosage, depending on the needs.
  • In the highest dosage range, the concrete will exhibit a long workability retention, with minor effect on the setting.
  • It is particularly suited for the manufacture of homogeneous Self-Compacting Concrete, with high filling capacity.
Domains of application
  • Self levelling concrete
  • Self consolidating concrete
  • Slump flow superior to 100 mm
  • Ready-mix concrete
  • Civil Engineering
  • High Performance Concrete - Very High Performance Concrete
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