CHRYSO®Dem Oleo 62 - DPS

Delayed-Mould Release agent - Pure Synthesis - Anti-corrosion action
  • When sprayed onto the surface of a metallic, plastic or wooden mould, CHRYSO®Dem Oleo 62 - DPS ensures easy mould release on all concretes after the cement has hardened.
  • Applied on a metallic formwork, CHRYSO®Dem Oleo 62 - DPS allows for high concrete quality while limiting the formwork maintenance.
  • CHRYSO®Dem Oleo 62 - DPS prevents rust stains from appearing on concrete formworks.
  • Rust stain cure may also be observed after several production cycles.
  • In case of rust issues on formworks, CHRYSO®Dem Oleo 62 - DPS should be applied every production cycle.
Domains of application
  • Poured concrete
  • Precast
  • Any concrete delayed mould-release, including
  • strongly steam-cured ones
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