Curing Agent - Water based

Market Specification Market Specification
  • CHRYSO®Cure HPX is a ready to use water-based curing compound, for fresh mortars and concretes.
  • When drying up, CHRYSO®Cure HPX forms a film which slows down significantly the desiccation of mortar or concrete.
  • This allows for a better hydration of the cement and reduces the chances for early age cracking.
  • After setting, the surface of the concrete performs better in terms of abrasion resistance, thanks to the treatment with CHRYSO®Cure HPX.
  • The surfaces where CHRYSO®Cure HPX has been sprayed turn to a white colour, which makes it easy to visualize the treated areas. After drying of the curing compound, the white colour disappears.
Domains of application
  • Protection of elements with a high surface / volume ratio: concrete slabs, roads, concrete highway
  • Protection of concrete and mortar subject to adverse drying effects at early age (high ambient temperature, wind)
  • Trowel finishing
  • All cement based elements subject to unacceptable dessiccation
  • Precast walling
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