Air entraining agent for masonry cements, 28 days strength enhancer.


CHRYSO® AEL is a grinding aid specifically formulated to entrain air into masonry type cements and improved the waterproofing characteristics.

  • Strong tensio-active action.
  • Better control of air contents, optimised bubble size and spacing. Good air retention properties.
  • Easier and more thorough mortar mixing.
  • Improved trowelability.
  • Improved flowability.
  • lmproved water tightness.
  • Reduces plastic shrinkage (initial set).
  • Improved physical properties of the ground material.
  • Improved performance in both closed and open circuit systems at equal specific surface area or equal sieve residues.
  • 28 days strength increase
  • Powder flow characteristics are improved before, during and after storage.
Domains of application
  • Production of masonry cement complying with EN 413-1 standards
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