CHRYSO®Optima 1340

New generation superplasticizer

Market Specification Market Specification
  • CHRYSO®Optima 1000 is the new breakthrough from CHRYSO. This technology is dedicated for the design of taylor-made superplasticizing solutions for jobsite
  • Thanks to its specifically designed molecular structure, CHRYSO®Optima 1340 enables to produce cohesive, low viscous concrete with long workability retention
  • It provides concrete with a high workability, while reducing the water/cement ratio
  • It has been developed to maintain fresh concrete workability together with high early sterngth
  • Particularly suited for jobsite and ready-mix industry
Domains of application
  • All cement types
  • Hot weather concreting
  • Slump flow superior to 100 mm
  • Extended workability retention
  • Ready-mix concrete
  • Job sites
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