CHRYSO®FiniSol SF100

Concrete surface protection

  • Water-repellent solution dedicated to concrete surfaces, and especially to aesthetic concretes
  • Confers to the substrate a better resistance to water stains (vinegar, ketchup, wine, coffee, ...) and makes it much easier to clean
  • Significantly reduces the sensitivity of concrete to chipping by waterproofing effect.
  • Greatly improves its resistance to freeze-thaw cycles, even in the presence of deicing salts
  • Does not change the appearance or the color of the substrate and increases its strength and durability
  • Its application gives to the substrate a beading effect visible for several months and which makes it possible to demonstrate that the surface was treated
  • It dries quickly and has a low consumption
Domains of application
  • Slabs
  • Terraces,
  • Precast elements
  • Paving blocks
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