CHRYSO®FiniSol SR200

Complete protection solution for drycast

Market Specification
  • Water-repellent and oil repellent protective solution designed to protect concrete, including decorative concrete, against all types of stains
  • Can be sprayed and makes the substrate more resistant to water-based stains (vinegar, ketchup, wine, coffee, etc.) and oil-based stains (engine oil, vegetable oil, grease, etc.).
  • Surfaces are also much easier to clean.
  • Does not change the appearance nor the colour of the treated substrates and increases their lifespan.
  • Gives the substrate a beading effect (water runs off the substrate without penetrating it), enabling users to make the distinction between treated and untreated concrete.
  • The solution can be sprayed and applied to early-age concrete, as well as to pressed, vibrated concrete, as soon as it leaves the stoving chamber.
  • It penetrates into the substrate by impregnation, making it resistant to abrasion (tested over 200 cycles as per ISO 11998).
Domains of application
  • Precast
  • Immediate mould-release concrete parts (drycast)
  • Vibro-compressed concrete: gravel slabs, paving stones, kerbs, etc.
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