CHRYSO®Omega 418

Compliance Compliance

Water reducing Plasticizing admixture

Market Specification Market Specification
  • Last generation Water reducing Plasticizing admixture.
  • This admixture benefits from our most recent innovations regarding co-polymers synthesis which allow for :
    • a wide dosage range
    • superior water reduction performance
    • excellent workability retention
  • Includes the ROVER technology. This technology allows for a very significant improvement of performance robustess/consistency regardless of concrete other constituents eventual variations.
  • CHRYSO®Omega 418 is most specially designed to allow for good slump retention when used with cements that usually don't allow for such performance with standard admixtures.
Domains of application
  • All cement types excluding white cement
  • Slump flow superior to 100 mm
  • Extended workability retention
  • Ready-mix concrete
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