Applied on the surface, CHRYSO®FiniSafe facilitates mechanical or manual float operations while improving the workability of the concrete surface for final floating.

Market Specification Market Specification
  • Provides a smoother finish and creates better surface consolidation.
  • Reduces operator efforts and optimizes his production time.
  • Avoid the addition of water during the float, detrimental to concrete’s performance.
  • Applying the CHRYSO®FiniSafe just before the mechanical trowel passes improves machine performance while reducing wear.
  • Concrete can then receive other surface treatments without specific preparation.
  • Does not change neither color nor appearance of the support.
Domains of application


  • Precast concrete elements intended to be floated

Ready Mix

  • All types of concrete floors:
    • Standard concrete
    • Industrial flooring
    • Decorative concrete: colored, printed, polished, brushed, exposed aggregates...etc.
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