Fibre-reinforced concrete

Thanks to its technical expertise in concrete mix design, CHRYSO has become a leading player in synthetic fibres.

CHRYSO offers a wide range of fibres depending on the application and performance required:

 synthetic microfibres:

  • Plastic shrinkage cracks reduction
  • Form removal tearing prevention
  • Service life and fire spalling resistance

 synthetic macrofibres provide concrete ductility improvement:

  • Cracks diffusion and cracks opening reduction
  • Flexural strength and punch resistance improvement
  • Impact resistance

CHRYSO can support you in the formulation of fibre-reinforced concrete and has specific know-how enabling it to optimise the concrete mix design for optimised fibre dosage.

To facilitate the use of fibres, CHRYSO has developed CHRYSO®Fiberdose, an automatic device that guarantees dosing accuracy, speed and safety.