Responsible company

A strategic conviction

CHRYSO France is a firm committed:

  • Our trade - Construction - is constantly making building homes, infrastructures and our way of life evolve, and those who build are impacted by our products.
  • Based on a model in which our design, production and added-value are locally rooted in Sermaises, France.
  • With the certainty that our specialization will always depend on innovative solutions based on a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs.
  • That aims to enhance its non-physical assets, namely the skills, personalities, attitudes and beliefs of the women and men who make the company.
  • That pays attention to and takes into account its economic, social and natural environment.
  • That plays a role in Society and is fully aware of its responsibilities.


Our firm goals

In 2008, a large employee survey, later extended to external stakeholders, enabled us to qualify what Sustainable Development meant for CHRYSO France. Based on the numerous notions and ideas that were identified, we set up working groups that clarified areas for development. These became the foundations of what is now our Sustainable Development approach, supported by the Board of Directors.

As Sustainable Development is not an isolated project but a way of governance, the company's policy was incorporated into its CSR commitments.
To achieve our goals, we must fulfil our five Sustainable Development commitments:

1. Facilitating sustainable solutions for our customers
2. Ensuring the well-being of all at work
3. Make our structures more efficient
4. Extending our communication about our values and actions
5. Structuring the integration of Sustainable Development with our suppliers and subcontractors

Our stakeholders

Our position is defined in accordance with our stakeholders’ expectations and the issues they face. CHRYSO France is increasingly attentive to entities that might affect or be affected by our organization. Understanding their interests allows us to adjust our actions in order to meet, or avoid having a negative impact on, their expectations.
That is why, in addition to our economic partners, we also take into consideration our institutional, social and environmental stakeholders. Getting to know them and letting them know how we work progressively allows us to factor in some new elements for which we are accountable as a company.

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Societal Committee

Our Societal Committee has been meeting annually since 2013. Its members include local councillors, government representatives, employee representatives, industry experts, and a number of social and environmental associations (Red-Cross and Loiret Nature Environnement). It was enlarged in 2016 to intefrate the local network of companies and the Police force. The Societal Committee is a real forum for dialogue: it provides its perspective on the Company policy, and proposes some actions with a local interest.

Intangible assets

As a company is not defined by its economic indicators alone, in 2013 we evaluated our intangible assets. This emphasis on people, knowledge, organization, customers, brand and even information systems gives us an enhanced overview of our future areas for development.

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Economic imprint in France

CHRYSO is the only admixture supplier to conduct all of its operations for the French market on the French soil (R&D, production of synthetic molecules, tinting and packaging). A study carried out by a specialist company examined our activities, those of our suppliers in France, and the related consumption. The wealth generated represented more than one and a half times our turnover, and supported four times more employment than the jobs we provide directly. The strategic decisions we make as part of our CSR approach make a difference on a national level!

AFAQ 26000: assessing the Sustainable Development maturity of our firm

Regarding its Social Responsibility (the company’s contribution to Sustainable Development), CHRYSO France has chosen to be assessed by an independent body, according to the ISO 26000 standard. Since July 2010, CHRYSO S.A.S has been noted as one of the most committed organizations on the AFAQ 26000 panel in France.

LUCIE label: recognition from a community and its commitment to improvement

In order to be able to share experiences about Social Responsibility and fulfill our commitment to improvement on the long run, CHRYSO applied for and obtained the LUCIE label in December 2013.